Tacoma Newborn Photographer

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Hannah Senior – Tacoma Newborn Photographer

Photographing seniors is always a big refresher for me as a Tacoma newborn photographer. Most of the time I am working with families, young children, wedding events or precious new little babies. Seniors are so relaxed and one of the few times I get to completely focus on one person for posing and telling a story with their photographs. When I first met this senior I was so impressed with how well put together and with her easygoing nature. Not every Tacoma newborn photographer is lucky enough to work with someone so great. This session was done towards the end of the summer. In so many of the photos you can see the warmth of the sun in how it lights her face.

The beginning of each session for this Tacoma newborn photographer is spent warming up and getting to know my client. The first few photos are always kind of awkward because we are both learning how to work with each other. I felt like my client and this Tacoma newborn photographer really picked up quickly on each other’s cues and style very quickly. Our session went perfectly. From the location at the Puyallup Mayflower Diary, to my client and all the cute stylish outfits I could not have asked for a more perfect session.

I am very late in updating this blog as it is now December and these photos were taken at the end of September. Looking back this is probably one of my favorites of the year for seniors. I hadn’t realized during the session that my Canon 35mm lens never left my camera body. Typically, I love the more creamy look of my other lenses, but this one ads a more crisp sharpness to the photos and I feel more connected with my clients because I have to be so much closer to them. It is a different look but I really am in love with it. As a Tacoma newborn photographer I am always changing and experimenting with different techniques and equipment.

Now that is it an average temperature of 40 degrees here in Seattle, looking at these photos I am craving the warmth of summer. Ringing in the new year I cannot wait to meet the new clients I will get to work with in 2017 as a Tacoma newborn photographer!